Krell S300i Integrated Amplifier

Krell S300i Integrated Amplifier

Type: Stereo integrated amplifier, balanced Class A input stage, current mode power stage, 750 VA toroidal transformer, 38,000µF reservoir capacitance
Inputs: single ended line (X3), XLR balanced line (x1), direct iPod connection (x1), home theatre preamp input (x1), RS-232, RC-5, 12 VDC triggers
Outputs: WBT loudspeaker binding posts
Power output: 150W into eight ohms, 300W into four ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD): 43.82x10.16x44.45cm
Weight: 20kg



"It’s that good. It’s an integrated amp that has changed the way I enjoy music by getting me out of the dedicated theater room and into the main part of my house."

  • Warranty

    Warranty of six months.