Krell Industries is the premier manufacturer of high performance audio equipment, award winning amplifiers, preamplifiers, surround sound processors, and digital-to-analog converters for music lovers and home theater aficionados.

The leader in audio engineering


Mono Amplifiers

Solo 375 XD Mono Amplifier


375 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology

Solo 575 XD Mono Amplifier

Krell Solo 575.jpeg

575 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology


Stereo Amplifiers

Krell Duo 125 XD Stereo Amplifier

Krell Duo 125.jpeg

125 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology

Krell Duo 175 XD Stereo Amplifier

Krell Duo 175.jpeg

175 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology

Krell Duo 300 XD Stereo Amplifier

Krell Duo 300.jpeg

300 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology


Multi-Channel Amplifiers


Krell Theater 7 XD Multi-Channel Amplifier

7 Channel 100 Watt Amplifier Featuring Krell iBias™ Technology

Integrated Amplifiers


Krell K-300i Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The K-300i incorporates a newly developed amplifier circuit design with Krell iBias™ technology,  delivering 150 Watts/Channel into 8Ω and 300 Watts/Channel into 4Ω. iBias provides the sonic benefits of Class A operation without the excessive heat and power consumption of traditional Class A design.



Krell Illusion Preamp.jpeg

Krell Illusion Preamplifier

The Illusion preamplifier extends the Krell tradition of separating the power supply from the audio circuitry in our flagship preamplifiers. Sharing the new Class A iBias power amplifier aesthetic and featuring Krell CAST technology, the Illusion preamplifier is the ideal match for the new Solo 375 and Solo 575 power amplifiers.



Krell Foundation 4K Processor

The Foundation 4K UHD Surround Sound Processor couples award winning Krell preamplifier circuitry to the latest in HDMI technology to create the centerpiece of a high performance home theater system. The Foundation 4K UHD adds HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 technology to the award winning Foundation processor.



Krell Vanguard Universal DAC.jpeg

Krell Vanguard Universal DAC Source

The Vanguard Universal DAC is the first standalone DAC from Krell in over 20 years—reigniting the Krell digital legacy, incorporating the latest in digital connectivity and technology.



Krell HDMI 4K HDR Switcher

The switcher extends the video capabilities of the Foundation, Foundation 4K, S-1200, and Evolution 707 to full 4K with HDR as outlined in the HDMI v2.0b specification



Available in our Showroom:

Mono Amplifiers

  • Solo 375 XD Mono Amplifier

  • Solo 575 XD Mono Amplifier

Stereo Amplifiers

  • Duo 125 XD Mono Amplifier

  • Duo 175 XD Mono Amplifier

  • Duo 300 XD Mono Amplifier

Integrated Amplifiers

  • K-300i Integrated Stereo Amplifier


  • Illusion Preamplifier

  • Illusion II Preamplifier


  • Vanguard Universal DAC Source

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